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Jozsef has produced painting in a wide variety of artistic styles including, abstract, cubism, expressionism, impressionism, pop art, postimpressionism, realism, surrealism and whatever the customer desired or whatever Jozsef felt like painting at a particular point in his life.  As you proceed through life experiences and feelings influence the creative urges and the art produced.  A sampling is available in the following galleries.

Gallery I contains art which Jozsef has created and sold.  If you like any of these works Jozsef could produce a similar work or a variation of any of these works at your request.  Jozsef works in many different sizes of canvas which is also an option if you would like an art work of a specific size.  The art displayed in Galleries II, III and IV are available for sale as is other art displayed on this website with the exception of the art displayed behind Jozsef on the Biography page.  If you would like any information on any of Jozsef's works please refer to the Contact page.

Gallery I
Gallery II
Gallery III
Gallery IV


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