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Jozsef Burge was born in Pecs, Hungary in 1951.  While the repressive Stalinist environment of the 1950's was not conducive to the development of artistic talent Jozsef fought the system and expressed his artistic nature at a very early age.  At every opportunity Jozsef found outlets for his artistic energy while conforming to the rigid career plan dictated by the central planning of the communistic system in place after the unsuccessful Hungarian rebellion of 1956.

Jozsef exercised his artistic urges in many venues in an attempt to find the most fulfilling avenue of expression.  At an early age he found painting in oil and acrylic the most satisfying and has continued to use this media as his avenue of expression.  He has experimented with a variety of different styles and continues to enjoy venting his artistic talents into this variety of artistic styles.

In 1982 Jozsef, married with two children, emigrated with his family to Canada and eventually settled in the Vancouver, BC area where he continues to reside.  While not a full-time artist Jozsef continues to create paintings as time allows.  In the past Jozsef sold over 100 paintings through a local gallery in a number of his favorite styles.  In recent years he has had a patron who commissions a number of works which keeps Jozsef busy.

Artist Statement

Expression of my artistic talent is one of my greatest joys in life and I hope my works bring a sense of appreciation and enjoyment to the world which I hope is a payment against the enjoyment I take from the world.


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